AC WINCH COME UP Cable Puller H-2500

AC WINCH COME UP Cable Puller H-2500


  • Dual pulling capacities of 2,500 kg and 1,500 kg.
  • Dual speed vary according to drum size.
  • A overload protection switch ensure automatic shut-off.
  • Electromagnetic spring-applied failsafe brake.
  • Heavy duty high efficiency ball bearings on all running surfaces.
  • Rugged high power induction motor of proven reliability.
  • Case hardened gear train for maximum mechanical efficiency.
  • Suitable for continuous pulling to tackle the toughest wall, ground and underground pulling applications.


Pulling capacity Large drum 1,500 kg
Small drum 2,500 kg
Rope speed Large drum, 50 Hz 4.0 m/min; 60Hz: 5.0 m/min
Small drum, 50 Hz 2.5 m/min; 60 Hz: 3.0 m/min
Motor rating IP44 600 w
Gear train hypoid gear plus spur gear
Gear ratio 154:1
Wire rope 8 mm x 50 m
Drum length Large drum 124 mm
Small drum 104 mm
Drum dia. Large drum 110 mm
Small drum 74 mm
Drum flange dia. Large drum 166 mm
Small drum 94 mm
Cable puller weight 60 kg
Gross weight 83 kg
Body dimension, (L x D x H) 457 x 362 x 267 mm
Box dimension, (L x D x H) 610 x 720 x 500 mm


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