Electric carrier KSU-PDR200

Electric carrier KSU-PDR200

■ Advantages

  • Lifting and lowering function
  • Noiseless and pollution-free high efficiency motor is used
  • Safety strengthened by adopting automatic brake system
  • Selectable rail and tire type
  • Acceleration/Deceleration function for operation in a slope
  • Product customization is available (box bed size, loadable volume, tire width, box bed function, etc.)
  • Easy to operate by anyone


Battery DC 12V, 100AHx2EA
Moter DC 24V, 400Wx2EA
Electric charger 220V / DC 24V
loading capacity
200 kg
Vehicle body
1,520 mm X 1,020 mm X 1,560 mm (High) – 730 mm (Low)

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