Electric Wire Rope Hoists SWF รุ่น CRABster

Electric Wire Rope Hoists SWF รุ่น CRABster


CRABster winch for loads up to 250 t


• Precise and safe operation
Hoist condition monitoring system NovaMaster as overload protection with strain gauge load measuring, hoisting frequency inverter with closed loop, hoisting motor with encoder, frequency inverter controlled travelling machineries
• Optimal usage of space and equal wheel load distribution
Compact design and optimal approach dimensions, no horizontal hook movement
• Various design options
Well thought-out construction based on standardised components, calculation support via CraneMaster software
• Lower maintenance costs and short downtimes
New hook block design with tilted sheaves for reduced rope wear, easy accessible central lubrication, just one type of hoisting motor, gear and frequency inverter per frame size


Advantage: highest possible efficiency and optimal usage of space

• Loads up to 250 t
• Four frame sizes
• Available as a solo winch or with a crane kit
• Double girder trolley or fixed hoist
• True vertical lift – no horizontal hook movement
• Compact design
• Optimal approach dimensions
• Stepless crane and trolley travelling
• Ambient temperatures from +5 °C up to +40 °C


Standard equipment

• Robust rope guides made of cast iron
• 4-step gear limit switch
• Additional safeguard by hook operated ultimate hoisting limit switch
• Hoist condition monitoring system NovaMaster
• 2-step trolley travel limit switch
• Frequency inverter for travelling machineries
• Hoisting inverter with closed loop technology, hoisting motor with encoder
• Thermal protection for hoisting and travel motors
• High duty time
• “Ready to use” bridge panels
• PLIOTEX type wire marking
• Bridge panels with inner light, 230 V plug outside
• Horn 108 dB
• IP55 protection
• Epoxy paint, 120 μm



• Radio remote control
• Maintenance platform
• Central lubrication
• ESR overspeed for faster lifting speeds with lower loads
• Second hoisting brake
• Ramshorn hook
• Rope pressure roller
• Guide rollers for trolley frame
• Standby heating for bridge panels and motors
• Air condition for bridge panels
• Stainless steel bridge panel
• Rain protection covers
• Crane lights
• Horn, 120 dB
• Derailment catches and storm locks for hoist and crane
• Ambient temperature -20 °C – +60 °C
and much more


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