KSU Dies

KSU Dies

GOLD KSU DIES are Dies for steel, stainless pipes and are produced in the up-to-date ways of manufacturing different from those of the existing DIES, and so are long-lived and can work upon the threads more precisely.


  • Screws are made affter the complete step cut of the outside after heat treatment, and the whole of the screws are manufactured through the step cut. Therefore, not only the angles of the screws but also the bond angles of male screws and female screws meet (JIS) exactly.
  • As the front step cut is double angles are different from each other, the cutting is easy and gentle.
  • Double blades enable immadiate replaecement of the worn or broken blade with the other and reduce working working hours.
  • the entire die made of an alloy steel (SK) or high strength steel (HSS) is solid and has a longer working life time.
    Entriely suitable for screw thread works of stainless steel pipes, special material steel pipes, steel pipes, etc.
    KongSung (K-type) and Rex (R-type) are available depending on the pipe screw-milling machine.

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